Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Forbidden love

She loved him and he loved her. But it's not that simple.
She turns out to be the psychopathic killer
and he happens to be the pathetic victim.
I broke my rules for you.
Not eating you alive is one of the example.
You could be my only exception, she whispered.
She falls in love with person she can't have.
Her father wants him to be served by dinner.

The more she denies that she falls for him,
the more she hates herself.
Because the truth is they can't never be together

All she can think is that they're a perfect couple.
Just not in a right time or right place or right situation
or right world.
The only thing that stands between her and him is reality.
Reality of a devil that falls in love with an angel.

Up to now, nothing that makes her happier and even sadder. Than him.
And now she becomes greedy. She doesn't want to share him with other person.
Not even her family. Not even her abusive father.
She's ready for the punishment.

Should I keep him in my closet?
Or should I just eat him and let him in my forever body and soul?

Oh dear God, it makes her happy and hurts like crazy,
just to think about the plan.
Oh God, it feels like christmas and halloween.

You are my secret.
You'll always be my beautiful little secret.
Hidden in my secret safe place.


Cheers, 290316


"You'll always be mine, in the back of my mind
I'll look for you first in my after life"